Gabriel Ettenson, MSPT
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Gabriel Ettenson, MSPT

Co-Founder & Facilitator

Sage Space is Gabriel’s newest venture into the evolving world of human performance. At Sage Space, he combines sound, light, PEMF and Natural Medicine to facilitate a more rapid integration of body and mind. We’ve brought him into PR Labs to introduce more athletes and active people to how these therapies can work together for enhancing sports, cognitive and emotional performance.

Gabriel’s passion for alternative and complementary medicine began during his early professional career as a Physical Therapist. Besides once owning and operating one of the largest integrative physical therapy practices in New York City, he has taught meditation, co-developed a number of vibration-based fitness and wellness products, and co-founded one of the largest, publicly traded, hemp-cannabinoid companies, Elixinol Wellness Ltd. He has over 24 years of experience working with individuals of all backgrounds across this diverse range of innovative, mind-body medicine driven businesses. Gabriel is certified in Endocannabinoid Science and in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He has also completed the pre-FDA drug approval steps of the MAPS certification. He is a member of the both the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association and the Psychedelic Medicine Association.

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