Drop-In Pricing

60-Minute / Semi-Private

Single Session


Each person for a semi-private session must book individually.

  • Price per person
  • Up to 3 people
  • Book online
  • Private Shower
  • Turkish towels
  • Lockers provided

60-Minute / Private

Personal Sanctuary

  • Must Call To Book
  • Dedicated To You
  • Private Shower
  • Turkish towels
  • Lockers provided

20-Minute / Plunge-Only

Single Use

  • No sauna use
  • Time limited
  • Private Shower
  • Turkish towels
  • Lockers provided

4-Pack Punch Card

Semi-Private Sessions

  • 4x Sessions
  • Call To Purchase


Join our Recovery Club for the most economical way to experience multiple sessions each month & keep the consistency flowing in your self-care practice!

All Recovery Club sessions are semi-private.


4x Month

  • $38.74 per use
  • 30% off drop-in
  • 3 month minimum
  • Book online
  • Shower & towel


8x Per Month

  • $35.62 per use
  • 35% off drop-in
  • 3 month minimum
  • Book online
  • Shower & towel

Rules Of Recovery Lab

Shower before you enter the SAUNA.

Use our private shower room and give yourself a good rinse before you enter the recovery lab public space. It’s important to wash the entire body to help maintain cleanliness & to remove any products (fragrances, oils, makeup, sunscreens,etc.) that could be harmful to the natural wood in the sauna or clog up the filtration of the plunge.

Proper clothing is required

Bathing suits, athletic bras, shorts are required to be worn in the recovery lab. No nudity, no jean shorts (long story), and no underwear-as-a-swimsuit. We’re sort of like the opposite of “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. We’ve provided you a towel that can also double as a wrap or sarong.

Respect check-in & check-out times

Check in and out on time. This is important for allowing enough space for other folks using the recovery lab and keeps things moving smoothly. Timing devices are provided to help you keep an eye on the time.

Respect the personal space & experience of others

Every element of the recovery lab experience has been intentionally designed to foster healing & rest, so we ask that you join in! 

Please be mindful of others’ personal space as well as your tone, volume, and what conversation topics you choose to discuss. Keep your phone silenced.

No phone calls. Music must be via headphones/earbuds and please keep the volume to a level that won’t disrupt others. You’re an important part of the vibe of our space!

Recovery Lab Cancellation Policy

All cancellations and rescheduling must be completed 24 hours before your appointment time. You will be charged full price for your session if you cancel within the 24 hours of your appointment. Refunds are not available after 90 days

Recovery Club Terms & Conditions

The PR Labs Recovery Club Membership Program is a service provided by PR Labs that offers benefits to members who enroll in a monthly autopay membership. Members accept the Program’s terms and conditions upon using the benefits. PR Labs reserves the right to modify the Program’s rules, benefits, participating locations, and can also terminate the Program without prior notice or compensation, which may impact the rewards and participation of members.

Eligible Participants; Enrollment; Continuing Eligibility

To qualify for the PR Labs Program, individuals must sign up for a monthly membership with automatic payments by debit or credit card. They must complete all necessary documents including agreements, waivers, and any special Program forms. Participants must keep their PR Labs membership and payments active and in good standing to remain eligible. If eligibility is lost, program benefits cannot be used.

Auto Renewal

After a contract ends, billing will automatically continue on a monthly basis for at least 3 months.


All Membership cancellations must be done via email to prsportslab@gmail.com.
All memberships have a 3 month minimum commitment.