Julie Mol, LMT

Massage Therapist

Julie has a passion for therapeutic and alternative medicine. She graduated from the Sedona School of Massage in February 2009, within a week, she began working in ski towns in Colorado until 2014.

Armed with her slow, methodical, and deep tissue style, she became a sought-after therapist among local triathletes, weekend warriors, and ski bunnies. She delved into Advanced Myofascial Techniques and Cupping Therapy, gaining a deeper understanding of how to work in-depth with scar tissue and postural issues. Armed with this knowledge, she deftly untangled sticky adhesions and soothed sore trigger points.

Julie also attended Chi Running workshops to grasp better the physical demands that her running clients faced. She often combines deep tissue magic with cupping wizardry in her sessions.

Since 2014, Julie has worked with athletes, post-injury/surgery clients, pregnant, tired & stressed-out clients needing genuine TLC. Julie plans to expand her knowledge this year in Shiatsu.

When Julie isn’t working, she hangs out with her trusty cat companion, Tommy. She and Tommy go many places together and have lots of adventures.

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