“Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” - Richard Bach

Gift Cards

If you know someone who could benefit from a massage, why not treat them by buying a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased and printed at home, no need to come to the office. Sometimes people are not sure they want a massage, or when it’s appropriate to book one, again buying a gift card gives you added flexibility as it shares the benefit of a massage without committing to a specific date and time. Once an appointment is made, it is subject to our same 48-hour cancellation window. See our schedule page for more information.

Gift cards start at $70(30-mins), and go can be bought in increments of based on the length of the massage. Please read the descriptions for each card to get a realistic idea of what to buy. You can also by multiple massages, or gift a custom amount, by selecting custom amount. Gift cards cannot be used with our sports medicine associates or for personal training.

PR Labs Sports Massage Gift Card Options
  • 30-Minutes

In a 30-minute session our therapist can typically only work on a single issue or area.

  • 45-Minutes

In a 45-minute session our therapist can typically only work on two issues or areas.

  • 60-Minutes

In a 60-minute session our therapist can typically work two to three areas to completion.

  • 75-Minutes

In a 75-minute session our therapist can typically work three to four issues.

  • 90-Minutes

In a 90-minute session our therapist can typically complete a full body massage, giving specific attention to one or two areas.

  • 2-Hours

The two-hour massage is the works, a full body ultimate massage and treatment.

  • Custom Amount

You decide how much to gift, you can give an amount towards a massage, leaving the recipient to choose how to use it. If you would like to gift multiple massages, just choose a custom amount to cover the sessions.