man smiling, black hair and beard

Forest Gil

Personal Training

• American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer (PT)

• USA Weightlifting (USAW) Level 1 Coach

• Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) – Motion Specialist

• PN-L1 Coach

During my outdoor upbringing I started to take interest in lifting weights. First as a way to become more athletic for the outdoors and then to put on some muscle to fill out my wiry teenage frame. Eventually achieving both these goals.

Over the years my passion for exercise and nutrition, grew into a passion for helping others achieve their own fitness and lifestyle goals. After sustaining a sports injury I took on my brother Rowan as my first client in 2015. Rowan was able to lose 30lbs, increase muscle mass and move pain free again. Rowan’s success fueled my drive to become a trainer and paved the way for dozens of clients.

As a certified trainer and nutrition coach I have refined my training style to reflect my love for the outdoors and created Forest Performance. A training program that blends many fitness modalities from nutrition, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, mobility and more. All with the focus on maximizing your results and achieving your individual goals. From general fitness to the professional athlete, Forest Performance is designed to help you perform at your highest level.