Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is PR Labs?

PR Labs, short for Performance & Recovery Labs, is a community hub for holistic health and fitness services. We house various businesses, each focusing on their area of expertise to cater to our active clientele. Whether it’s preventative, rehabilitative or recovery-based services, we’ve got you covered in our “one-stop-shop” in central Boulder.

How does PR Labs work?

PR Labs functions as a collaborative space. The practitioners we work with at PR Labs (except our massage therapists who are employees of PR Labs) are all small business owners who run their practice as they see fit, while growing their reach and success under our collaborative roof.

You can explore all the various businesses we have in-house and the services they offer, from chiropractic care to sports physiotherapy, from massage therapy to IV therapy. Pick a service from our menu, you will be taken to our online scheduling pages where you can learn more about the practitioners you will be working with and find a date and time that works for you. From there you will be prompted to provide basic information and billing details. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment(s) you will receive an email with an intake form for you to fill out before your appointment. We ask for this information to be provided so that your practitioner can be ready for your appointment to hit the ground running and maximize your time spent together.

In our view, everyone who trains to live an active life and perform their best is an athlete. We are here to help you live better, feel better and be confident doing the things you love. Our intention is to be your support team for preventive and rehabilitative well-being and self-care.

What services are available at PR Labs?

We offer a range of services

Each of the practitioners at PR Labs brings their expertise to the table, ensuring comprehensive and top-tier care for your active lifestyle. We are committed to staying up to date with the latest in science-based modalities and adding new services regularly.

Do you accept my insurance?

All of our PR Labs practitioners are out-of-network and cash-pay. All service payments are due at time of service. We accept all FSA/HSA cards for services. We accept major credit cards.

However, for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, those practitioners can give you a superbill which would include ICD-10 medical coding that you can turn into your insurance company to seek reimbursement. Talk to your provider for more information on superbills and insurance reimbursement. 

Can I book appointments online?

Absolutely! You can conveniently book appointments with our practitioners through our website. Just visit our scheduling page HERE and follow the booking instructions. You will be asked to read through our office policies and agree to them, sign a liability & HIPAA waiver and input your billing information to book an appointment. 

How do I know which practitioner is right for me?

We understand choosing the right practitioner can be overwhelming. We’d like to help you book with the practitioner best suited for you, so please feel free to reach out to us either by email, text or a phone call for guidance. We can help match you with the practitioner best suited to your issue.

Do you offer virtual appointments?

Yes, we do! Several of our practitioners provide virtual consultations. Check their individual profiles for more information. Booking a virtual appointment can usually be done from their scheduling page. 

How can I contact PR Labs?

We’re just a call, text, or email away. Visit our Contact page HERE for all the details.


Appointments Scheduled After 6pm

Please note that if you book an appointment that starts after 6p Monday through Friday or on the weekends, the external doors to our building may be locked. Don’t worry! Hang tight and your practitioner will come and let you in at the time of your appointment.

Will I receive appointment reminders?

Yes! You will receive an email confirmation immediately after booking. Three (3) days before your appointment, you will get an email and text reminder. This gives you time to reschedule or cancel your appointment if needed.

What's your cancellation policy?

We have a 48-hour cancellation office policy, and appointments canceled with less than 48 hours’ notice may be subject to a full-price charge. To help us accommodate other clients, please inform us of any changes or cancellations as soon as possible so we can make the time slot available to others.

We understand that plans can change, and sometimes appointments need to be canceled. If you need to cancel and it’s less than 48 hours before your appointment, please get in touch with us by text, email, or phone, it allows us that time to offer that appointment to someone on the waitlist. 

If you’re feeling unwell or have a temperature above 100 degrees, we appreciate you staying home and notifying us as soon as possible. We’ll gladly reschedule your appointment for another time. And rest assured, if for any reason we can’t see you, we’ll let you know promptly.

About Massage

What is massage?

Massage is a healthcare practice in which our skilled massage therapists address physical dysfunction by manipulating the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia of the body thereby increasing circulation and the pliability of the musculoskeletal system.

At PR Labs, we go beyond traditional massage; we encompass various bodywork techniques, including passive stretching, resistance tests, diagnostic work, cupping, fascial scraping and more. We also view ourselves as health educators, believing that a better understanding of your body’s movement and function can significantly enhance your physical well-being. Bottom line is that no matter what you need, a flush out before an event,  deep-tissue work to help you move better and easier or a stress-buster where you can melt into the table and float out of our office–we’ve got you covered.

What should I expect at my first massage?

For your first appointment, you will receive a digital intake form to fill out. Please fill it out in its entirety as this gives your therapist information on your background and current issues if any.

The day of your appointment, please arrive a few minutes early to allow your therapist to consult with you to understand what issues you are dealing with and your expectations for your session. This initial communication usually lasts around 5 minutes. 

Then your therapist will step out and let you get undressed and comfortably situated on the table. During the massage, your therapist will occasionally ask questions pertaining to your issues or treatment. Our therapists will keep chit-chat to a minimum. Our rules are, we speak if spoken to, otherwise we take that as a sign that you’d prefer to zone out and not talk.

After your massage, we’ll provide an assessment of the work performed and offer practical self-care recommendations (mobility and exercises, suggestions for ergonomics,etc) to take with you. We will suggest additional massage sessions with a customized plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

What should I expect after my first session?

Post-massage, you may experience heightened relaxation, increased range of motion, reduced pain, and a better awareness of your body. Depending on the specific issues that were addressed in your session, for example, scar tissue, muscular adhesions and trigger points, those can result in minor soreness. Any discomfort should typically subside within 24-48 hours. If you have any questions or concerns after your session, please don’t hesitate to contact us for suggestions on how to best cope with the soreness. This is normal and can be helped by increasing fluid intake, movement/active recovery and use of heating pads, hot baths, etc.

We recommend drinking plenty of water to capitalize on improved circulation and allow your muscles to adapt to the enhanced function and circulation. Engaging in strenuous activities, workouts, or training immediately after a massage is not advisable. Getting a massage on your “off” training days or after you’ve finished your workout for that day is the best scenario for a successful session.

If you have any questions not covered here, please call or email us at any time!

Want to Talk to Someone?

Curious About Our Practitioners?

Thereza MarcondesThereza Marcondes
21:45 03 Jul 24
Massage, Chiro and physiotherapy are absolutely amazing! All my issues from years were solved and I keep going there to maintain and evolve my training. Highly recommend!
Tina HartTina Hart
14:13 18 Jun 24
Absolute gem of a spot in Boulder! You can get multiple services under one roof, and combine your care all in one spot. Kate and the whole team are super welcoming, and immediately make you feel at home. I'm most often there for massage - usually before/after a bike race or just to feel better after too many hours at the computer. However, my last visit was for an hour in the new Recovery Lab. I really enjoyed the infrared sauna (chill vibes, good lighting, plenty hot!), and the cold plunge pool made me feel awake for the entire rest of my day. Whole body felt great afterwards! The Recovery Lab is in a semi-private space (or you can book fully private), that felt intimate and cozy without being at all cramped. Perfect. Can't recommend PR Labs enough!
Jay AllaghiJay Allaghi
19:48 17 Jun 24
I recently visited PR Sports Lab for a sauna and cold plunge recovery session, and love the experience. The friendly and efficient reception made check-in really simple. The facility is impeccably clean and well-equipped, including luxuriously spacious shower and changing room. Detailed yet simple guidance helped me get the most out of the cold plunge and sauna. While the non-rushed session, and welcoming staff made me feel completely relaxed as I was a bit nervous being new to both heat and cold exposure. Overall, PR Sports Lab offers a top-notch experience that I highly recommend.
Brenna BackeBrenna Backe
21:59 07 Jun 24
We just booked an hour in the recovery lab. It was a great, quiet, private space (we booked the whole thing for my husband and myself). We had never used an infrared sauna before and we found it was plenty hot and got us sweating. The combination of the sauna and the cold plunge was a perfect end-of-the-week activity to kick off the weekend. The space is calm, clean, comfortable, and luxurious.
Greg EngbrechtGreg Engbrecht
21:25 05 Jun 24
Excellent client rapport and fantastic services offered. I’ve had personal training, physical therapy, and recently enjoyed the sauna/cold plunge offerings. All top notch!
Erin KerstenErin Kersten
00:18 31 May 24
Great facility with diverse team of practitioners. I’ve seen Brenna twice now for athletic body work 👍👍 excellent.
Rory Murtagh (rm)Rory Murtagh (rm)
01:37 30 May 24
Simply superb. Go in broken, leave better.
21:49 23 May 24
I’ve only had a few appointments here so far, but I am so happy I found PR Labs and made my first appointment. I’m so grateful for the help they have given me in just three appointments after 10 years of pain!!
Salma AlmutawaSalma Almutawa
19:28 14 May 24
My session was with dr. Lindsey Mayer, she is very professional, and also a good listener, so she was focusing with my telling her about my problem and if there is something she missed or need more information about she will ask about, so I felt she is really taking care of me.. and we took the whole session, she answered my all questions and made sure that my appointment is not done with me having some questions or concerns, I highly recommend her!
cheri felixcheri felix
14:25 08 Apr 24
Do you ever feel like you’re injured the week before a big race and need someone to treat you AND calm you down? Then, you should make an appointment with Paty. I’ve been a fan of PR Sports Labs for years but this was my first time seeing Paty. It can be weird to meet someone new especially when you’re having an existential crisis about a race (wink wink). She was kind, patient with my need for reassurance and very calm. Whether you are a mid-pack age grouper like me or someone who gets prize money, this is the place to go. Or maybe you’re someone who goes (too) hard at the first whiff of summer, go here. I think Paty calmed me AND my inflammation down.
Aiyana EttensonAiyana Ettenson
20:47 29 Mar 24
Ashley O'ConnellAshley O'Connell
23:36 04 Mar 24
PR Labs is an absolute powerhouse of all things health, wellness and recovery. The team is friendly, accommodating and very skilled. The facility is clean and welcoming. I can’t wait for the cold plunge and sauna recovery space to open. This is a one stop shop! I highly recommend!
Jonathan LevittJonathan Levitt
02:42 21 Feb 24
Had a massage with nito today. He’s wonderful!!!
Daniel JenstadDaniel Jenstad
06:30 17 Feb 24
Brenton ElmoreBrenton Elmore
22:58 15 Feb 24
Tim M. Is amazing! I highly recommend for anyone who needs a professional massage that yields instant results and long term improvement.
Nicole FranzNicole Franz
04:08 12 Feb 24
PR Labs is great! Their staff are phenomenal, kind and experts in their field. The website is user friendly. The facility is clean. Highly recommend. They offer several services!
Allison BoydAllison Boyd
04:39 26 Jan 24
Tim is a really great massage therapist! He’s been extremely helpful.
Jessica MurdzekJessica Murdzek
01:19 26 Jan 24
I've been seeing Tim McGrath for sports massages for years now. He has a fundamental understanding of how the body works that comes across while he works. He's always friendly and respectful and I look forward to our sessions
J. Connor McMahonJ. Connor McMahon
07:35 04 Jan 24
Truly the premiere practice in all of Boulder county for massage, PT, dietetics and more. It’s the whole package and the most caring people who make it happen, I could not be more grateful
Bob McCreadyBob McCready
13:04 30 Nov 23
I see Kate regularly for the absolute best, most therapeutic massages, have seen Sarah who is a masterful PT and just recently got a home workout routine dialed after four sessions with strength training maestro Forest.
Charles GarabedianCharles Garabedian
22:39 30 Oct 23
Going into a major race is always daunting enough, let alone the stress. PR Labs took the time to understand my needs, and get me on the table for an incredible massage. I feel rested, relaxed and my legs, and lower back feel now at ease to conquer NYC Marathon.
Kelly JoyKelly Joy
22:48 12 Oct 23
A great experience
Victoria WymanVictoria Wyman
03:17 06 Oct 23
Tim was amazing. Took the time to listen, explain his approach and I left feeling better than I had all week! I will definitely be going back.
Mindy BrooksMindy Brooks
18:30 04 Oct 23
Sarah MorrisonSarah Morrison
23:25 28 Sep 23
I’ve seen Kate & a few other massage therapists here (most recently Tim) and have never left disappointed. They’re knowledge & execution is top notch. I feel lucky to have access to this team of professionals.
Jeremy HendricksJeremy Hendricks
22:02 20 Sep 23
Professional, skilled and experienced team. Book yourself here for all things that make your body go!
Liz DeMatteisLiz DeMatteis
23:27 16 Aug 23
10/10, no notes!
Jena FranzJena Franz
00:12 05 Aug 23
PR labs has it all- a true one stop shop! Massage therapy and working with a dietician are the services I have dabbled in so far. I plan on exploring their other services in the near future. PR labs has kind, empathetic and incredibly knowledgeable practitioners. The ONLY place I will go for the above services.Worth noting the space is super clean, organized and spacious!
Jenn ThomasJenn Thomas
21:42 21 Jun 23
Kate and everyone at PR labs are absolutely amazing. If you need amazing body work, sports massage, Physical therapy with Dr Sarah or Chiro with Dr Ellen are amazing and they take the time to learn about you, listen and take care of all of your needs!! HIGHLY recommend!!
Claire BentonClaire Benton
17:37 09 Jun 23
Everything about PR Labs is top notch! It's a completely inclusive space as well as the staff and services. I have utilized the massage, PT and nutritional services. They talk to each other and create a truly magical experience. You'll be taken great care of here.
Amy MachaelAmy Machael
16:45 31 May 23
Everything about PR Sports Lab is amazing. The staff and all the practices that encompass PR Sports Lab are knowledgeable practitioners. I love the collaborative environment used in my treatments. I have always used Kate for my sports massages but our schedules have not aligned so I had to bite the bullet and see a male massage therapist for the first time!!! I've always been self conscious about getting a massage from a male. I scheduled a massage appointment with Nito Orecchio and all my fears were put to rest. He was professional and conscientious of my comfort level. There was no creepy experience or vibe at all. Thank you!!! I will definitely be back for another sports massage!
Allison BenhamAllison Benham
13:42 12 May 23
The best place to go for a sports massage and PT with Dr. Sarah Zimmer. They have been incredibly helpful here in helping me get back to running without injury. I had a massage today with Paty and she was fabulous, as well. I highly recommend the practitioners at PR Labs.
Briana BoehmerBriana Boehmer
03:00 12 May 23
Kate and her team are unparalleled. Their level of care and attention is truly exceptional. Kate's approach to collaborative and holistic healthcare is changing the game for practitioners everywhere. I have been a loyal customer of Kate's for nearly 8 years, and I cannot overstate my gratitude for all she has done to keep me healthy and strong.
Helen GardnerHelen Gardner
17:24 07 Feb 23
Kate and her team have done an incredible job of creating an environment that is welcoming for everyone, no matter if you're a high-level athlete or weekend warrior. Their hybrid sessions make getting the care I need so easy. No driving across town to see multiple providers-- they're all in the same spot! This place is a MUST for any person who moves their body!
Jena FranzJena Franz
17:14 09 Jan 23
PR Labs has everything you need with their reputable and knowledgeable all star staff and beautiful gym! Just walking into the place you feel welcome. If you are on the fence about reaching out, this is your sign to do it!
Lauren DanielsLauren Daniels
12:17 27 Nov 22
I can't recommend PR Sports Lab enough! Everything I need for my running needs is in one amazing location. Kate Ripley is the best sports massage therapist that I have seen for years, and has put together an amazing, friendly staff. Love walking into a business where I feel welcome & like I belong. My husband has seen Sarah for PT to sort through some of the toughest injuries. Don't hesitate to check them out!
Erin GuineyErin Guiney
14:30 21 Nov 22
Dr Ellen is genuinely invested in helping you figure out the root of your problems. She is incredibly kind, thorough and smart. Highly recommend and especially if you have multiple and even chronic issues going on.
Julia ArocaJulia Aroca
03:16 04 Nov 22
This place is amazing, they have it all! It is the one-stop shop for endurance sports (and regular sports/fitness).I started going here when I began training for my first 100 miler. Sarah, PT, DPT is awesome! She is also an ultra-runner and accomplished athlete which to me is invaluable when looking for a good PT. Sarah was great at helping me stay strong and prevent injury. Kate and Alex are also amazing sports massage therapists. I seriously have not had a better massage than I have here from both of them.Everyone is super friendly and personable. The facility is very clean and modern. I always look forward to my appointments (and I used to dread going to PT)!I would recommend PR Labs to everyone and cannot say enough good things!
Sean HorningSean Horning
03:15 28 Apr 22
5 stars. Best Sports Physio. Kate Ripley is phenomenal. Highly recommend.
Kerttu VeskeKerttu Veske
22:25 11 May 21
PR Sports Labs is a wonderful collaborative space. You get all your care in one place - sports massage, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, nutrition etc. The individual focus you get from each practitioner is exceptional. I highly recommend it!
Mark CathcartMark Cathcart
06:33 01 Apr 21
PR Labs is a great, open location that is bright and modern with all new equipment, their treatment rooms are large and staffed with amazing professionals,Kate worked on my shoulders after a bike crash and clavical break to help me get mobility back. Nito did a great overall sports massage focussed on my legs after that increasing my mileage.I've been treated by the PT, Sarah, who solved my back problems with a dry needling session and gave me some stretches to work on.I love the fact the practitioners work together to come up with a coordinated, integrated treatment plan.

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