Great place and great massage from Kate! I would highly recommend this business to anyone in need of a fantastic massage.

Allen D.Boulder, CO

From the first time I met Kate, I was made to feel so comfortable, like we had known each other for ages. She is always so prompt and starts her appointments right on time. She asks how am I feeling and if there is anything specific I need worked on. I’m always looking for someone who can give a good sports massage, as it’s truly hard to come by! Kate has not disappointed. In addition to the massage, she will often give me tips and tricks to work on parts of the body that she notices are extra tight and sore. A very fair price for what you receive in return.

Lauren D.Denver, CO

I’m so excited Kate has moved to Boulder! I saw Kate several times in Austin for running-related abuse which she helped to alleviate significantly. The space was warm and inviting, making it very easy to relax. In addition to an excellent massage that more than worked about the kinks, she gave great advice about ways to stretch and roll to help prevent injuries.

Megan P.Austin, TX

Kate is fantastic! I have been getting massages for over 10 years, in 3 different states, and she is the best yet. It took me a long time to find a massage therapist (i.e. I am very picky) and I am so happy that I finally found her. Kate is super professional and has an outstanding knowledge of the body and how to treat it. I would highly recommend her.

Liz J.Boulder, CO

Austin must be missing this gal! I’ve been struggling with a chronic hamstring pain for about a year and she got me up and running in no time!! She knows her stuff! She’s the best!

Ethan R.Boulder, CO