You deserve a performance & recovery program that is specific to you.

Here at PR Labs, we are passionate about collaborating with you and our team of associates to help you move better, feel your best and live the active life you love.


Meet our sports medicine professionals who collaborate to bring you the highest level of care while offering a diverse array of specialties.


Our sports massage therapists have years, decades even, of experience working with athletes-Olympic to recreational level. Active humans are our jam.

Coming this fall, our recovery lab includes a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna, CPB Cold Plunge, Normatec compression equipment and shower room.


Our top-level personal trainers with a background in strength & conditioning, can collaborate with your medical provider to help you reach your goals and optimize your athletic performance.

Jeremy HendricksJeremy Hendricks
22:02 20 Sep 23
Professional, skilled and experienced team. Book yourself here for all things that make your body go!
Liz DeMatteisLiz DeMatteis
23:27 16 Aug 23
10/10, no notes!
Jena FranzJena Franz
00:12 05 Aug 23
PR labs has it all- a true one stop shop! Massage therapy and working with a dietician are the services I have dabbled in so far. I plan on exploring their other services in the near future. PR labs has kind, empathetic and incredibly knowledgeable practitioners. The ONLY place I will go for the above services.Worth noting the space is super clean, organized and spacious!
Jenn ThomasJenn Thomas
21:42 21 Jun 23
Kate and everyone at PR labs are absolutely amazing. If you need amazing body work, sports massage, Physical therapy with Dr Sarah or Chiro with Dr Ellen are amazing and they take the time to learn about you, listen and take care of all of your needs!! HIGHLY recommend!!
Claire BentonClaire Benton
17:37 09 Jun 23
Everything about PR Labs is top notch! It's a completely inclusive space as well as the staff and services. I have utilized the massage, PT and nutritional services. They talk to each other and create a truly magical experience. You'll be taken great care of here.
Amy MachaelAmy Machael
16:45 31 May 23
Everything about PR Sports Lab is amazing. The staff and all the practices that encompass PR Sports Lab are knowledgeable practitioners. I love the collaborative environment used in my treatments. I have always used Kate for my sports massages but our schedules have not aligned so I had to bite the bullet and see a male massage therapist for the first time!!! I've always been self conscious about getting a massage from a male. I scheduled a massage appointment with Nito Orecchio and all my fears were put to rest. He was professional and conscientious of my comfort level. There was no creepy experience or vibe at all. Thank you!!! I will definitely be back for another sports massage!
Allison BenhamAllison Benham
13:42 12 May 23
The best place to go for a sports massage and PT with Dr. Sarah Zimmer. They have been incredibly helpful here in helping me get back to running without injury.
Briana BoehmerBriana Boehmer
03:00 12 May 23
Kate and her team are unparalleled. Their level of care and attention is truly exceptional. Kate's approach to collaborative and holistic healthcare is changing the game for practitioners everywhere. I have been a loyal customer of Kate's for nearly 8 years, and I cannot overstate my gratitude for all she has done to keep me healthy and strong.
Helen GardnerHelen Gardner
17:24 07 Feb 23
Kate and her team have done an incredible job of creating an environment that is welcoming for everyone, no matter if you're a high-level athlete or weekend warrior. Their hybrid sessions make getting the care I need so easy. No driving across town to see multiple providers-- they're all in the same spot! This place is a MUST for any person who moves their body!
Jena FranzJena Franz
17:14 09 Jan 23
PR Labs has everything you need with their reputable and knowledgeable all star staff and beautiful gym! Just walking into the place you feel welcome. If you are on the fence about reaching out, this is your sign to do it!
Lauren DanielsLauren Daniels
12:17 27 Nov 22
I can't recommend PR Sports Lab enough! Everything I need for my running needs is in one amazing location. Kate Ripley is the best sports massage therapist that I have seen for years, and has put together an amazing, friendly staff. Love walking into a business where I feel welcome & like I belong. My husband has seen Sarah for PT to sort through some of the toughest injuries. Don't hesitate to check them out!
Erin GuineyErin Guiney
14:30 21 Nov 22
Dr Ellen is genuinely invested in helping you figure out the root of your problems. She is incredibly kind, thorough and smart. Highly recommend and especially if you have multiple and even chronic issues going on.
Julia ArocaJulia Aroca
03:16 04 Nov 22
This place is amazing, they have it all! It is the one-stop shop for endurance sports (and regular sports/fitness).I started going here when I began training for my first 100 miler. Sarah, PT, DPT is awesome! She is also an ultra-runner and accomplished athlete which to me is invaluable when looking for a good PT. Sarah was great at helping me stay strong and prevent injury. Kate and Alex are also amazing sports massage therapists. I seriously have not had a better massage than I have here from both of them.Everyone is super friendly and personable. The facility is very clean and modern. I always look forward to my appointments (and I used to dread going to PT)!I would recommend PR Labs to everyone and cannot say enough good things!
Sean HorningSean Horning
03:15 28 Apr 22
5 stars. Best Sports Physio. Kate Ripley is phenomenal. Highly recommend.
Kerttu VeskeKerttu Veske
22:25 11 May 21
PR Sports Labs is a wonderful collaborative space. You get all your care in one place - sports massage, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, nutrition etc. The individual focus you get from each practitioner is exceptional. I highly recommend it!
Mark CathcartMark Cathcart
06:33 01 Apr 21
PR Labs is a great, open location that is bright and modern with all new equipment, their treatment rooms are large and staffed with amazing professionals,Kate worked on my shoulders after a bike crash and clavical break to help me get mobility back. Nito did a great overall sports massage focussed on my legs after that increasing my mileage.I've been treated by the PT, Sarah, who solved my back problems with a dry needling session and gave me some stretches to work on.I love the fact the practitioners work together to come up with a coordinated, integrated treatment plan.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ”

More than being a cheesy proverb, working together is what PR Labs is all about. You play on a team, you work on a team, you deserve to be cared for by a team.